GALVESTON Galveston police say the body of a man who jumped off the Causeway last week has been found.

Police said 39-year-old Vinshay Erroshaun Lewis body was found Friday in Galveston Bay near Sportsman Road.

Officials said Lewis parked his vehicle and jumped over the rail of the Galveston Causeway last Thursday after a brief conversation with a wrecker driver. Efforts to find the body had not been successful and Lewis family reached out more than a week later to Texas Equusearch for assistance in resuming the search.

Multiple agencies including Galveston County Sheriff s Office, Galveston Fire Department, Galveston Island Beach Patrol, Galveston Police Department, Jamaica Beach Fire and Rescue, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Texas Department of Public Safety provided both equipment and personnel to assist in the extended search.

Authorities said the body was spotted by the Galveston County Sheriff s Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter unit around 12:25 p.m. Friday.

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