HOUSTON A Houston mother was charged with a felony after police learned she allegedly heated a metal spoon over an open flame, then burned her 8-year-old son with it for lying to her.

Daisha Faye Daniels, 25, was charged with felony injury to a child.

Houston police said Daniels burned the child on May 21, 2011 because she was upset over a fight he had with his baby sister.

The little boy said his mom heated the spoon over the stove, then tried to burn his tongue with it, but he refused to sit still. She then took the spoon and placed it on the back of his hand, severely burning him.

The scar from the burn still remained visible more than a year later and the little boy lied about how he got it. After the truth eventually came out, Daniels was questioned by police.

Investigators said she admitted to burning her son with the spoon, but said she sincerely did not mean for it to happen.

Daniels said she was upset that her son was lying about hitting his sister, so she placed the spoon over the open flame merely as a scare tactic. She told him if he continued to lie, she would use the hot spoon to burn his tongue.

Daniels said she removed the spoon from over the flame and placed it to the side. When she put it on the back of his hand, she had no idea it was still hot until he started screaming.

Daniels said she apologized to her son and fed him a lie to tell others if questioned, according to court documents.

The mother told investigators she knew what she did was wrong and has to live with her mistake because she sees the scar every day.

Daniels bail was set at $5,000.

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