DALLAS - A second woman has come forward revealing what she witnessed from Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent minutes after he crashed his car with his teammate, Jerry Brown, Jr., inside.

Pam Johnson's story both corroborates and challenges certain details offered by Stacee McWilliams, another witness interviewed by News 8 on Monday.

Johnson said she called 911 after driving up on Brent's overturned Mercedes in the eastbound service road of Highway 114 near Cistercian Road early Saturday morning.

911 operators said someone else had already reported it, Johnson told News 8.

Then Brent came around from behind his crashed vehicle, and Johnson said she asked him whether anyone else remained in the overturned car, which had just caught fire.

'Yes, but he won't get out,' Johnson said Brent told her.

Well, get him out, Stacee McWilliams said she replied to Brent. She walked up to the scene after the crash.

Johnson said that was the first time she first time she ever saw McWilliams.

'Is he going to pull him out or let him burn up?' Johnson said McWilliams then asked her.

Monday, McWilliams told News 8 she heard Brown calling for help and then had to beg Brent to save his friend from the burning Mercedes.

I said, 'Get him out of the car. You can't just stand here and watch this man die. Pull him out of the car!' And he said to me, 'He won't get out.' I said, 'GET HIM OUT OF THE' - you know commanded him - 'get him out of the car!' McWilliams explained.

Irving police accused Brent of being drunk behind the wheel and charged him with one count of Intoxication Manslaughter. He's currently free on a $500,000 bond.

Johnson, who shared two mobile phone pictures she took of the scene that night, said she never heard McWilliams command Brent to extricate Brown.

Johnson said she only came forward after hearing McWilliams' story.

Brent's defense attorney attacked that story Tuesday afternoon.

This woman while present in the area of the accident could not have seen nor heard any of the things she has said about Josh, said George Milner, Brent's attorney, while reading from a two-page statement.

Milner, who refused to answer questions from reporters, said police interviewed McWilliams earlier in the day and discounted some of her claims.

She has now admitted she was not that close to the actual scene, Milner said. She admitted to have been drinking that evening.

It is believed Mr. Brown was already deceased and could not have possibly uttered the calls for help claimed by Ms. McWilliams, he added.

But the second witness, Pam Johnson, said she could hear moaning coming from the overturned vehicle where Brown was trapped.

When he was pulled out, he wasn't moving, she said.

Johnson said she thought Brent was in shock after the accident, and that's the reason he did not immediately extricate Brown.

He wasn't ignoring him, Brent just looked like he was uncertain what to do, according to Johnson.

Before airing McWilliams' claims Monday night, News 8 reached out to Milner for comment multiple times between 3:45 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., but never got a response until late Tuesday afternoon. The Irving Police Department also didn't respond to messages from News 8 during that time.

On Tuesday, investigators did say officers have interviewed several witnesses, though they would not reveal with whom they spoke or what was said.

Johnson said Irving police called her on Tuesday, retrieving her number from the 911 call she made, and asked her to fill out an affidavit documenting what she witnessed.

It still remains uncertain when the official police report will be completed and what, if anything, it will include about Brent.

At the end of his two-page statement, Milner passionately defended Brent from McWilliams' claim that he never helped Brown.

He's a giant, kind hearted teddy bear with a heart as big as his body, he said before turning and walking away from reporters and photographers.


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