DALLAS Dallas police on Wednesday released security footage showing brash thieves backing their white Ford truck through the window of the Uptown Texas Rangers store to steal merchandise.

At 2:30 a.m. Saturday, a white Ford truck smashed the glass front door of the store at 2222 McKinney Ave. A man and a woman get out, run in and steal an unknown amount of merchandise, according to a police report. They did, however, demolish the $2,000 front glass door.

Police want to know who they are if you can help, you're asked to call Detective E.S. Keller at 214.670.5053.

About three hours after this crime, someone broke through a wall on the south side of the Apple Store at 3103 Knox Street. There was construction going on next door. The thieves got into the Genius Room and stole 15 computers worth more than $30,000, the police report says.

Police have not said whether they think the crimes are related.

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