SPRINGTOWN The welcome sign above James Gerow's bedroom door took on a different meaning just after midnight Tuesday.

We are in there sound asleep and we hear the door pop, he recalled.

It wasn't a family member who was inside his Springtown home. Investigators say it was Christopher Lance Moore of Bedford.

When I saw him, he walked over here... he looked in the bathroom... turned around and just walked right back out, Gerow said. I grabbed my .45, it's loaded with hollow points, so it would not have been a good day.

Gerow said he confronted Moore.

He was coming around the corner, and I just pointed my gun at him, and I asked him, 'Who are you and what are you doing?' He had his hands on his keys and I said, 'Gimme your keys,' and I took his keys, and I told him to lay down, and he [said], 'No, no, no!' and he jumped in his truck and he sat out in his truck.

Gerow's wife called 911.

LINDY GEROW: Hurry up now, because my husband is fixin' to shoot him.

Moore also called for help.

DISPATCHER: Parker County 911. Where is your emergency?

MOORE: I'm not sure. I'm out in the country somewhere and some guy has a gun on me.

Gerow said he didn't back down; he cornered Moore with his gun, and blocked his way out.

They both waited until Parker County deputies arrived. Moore was taken into custody and is now facing burglary charges.

Before help arrived, Gerow said he asked Moore why he came to his house.

'Were you trying to steal my stuff?' 'No sir, no sir.' I said, 'Were you trying to hurt my kids?' 'No sir, no sir.' And I said, 'Were you trying to hurt me or my wife?' 'No sir, no sir. Just bad intentions... bad intentions.'

James Gerow and his family are grateful those intentions never played out.


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