HOUSTON Two of the teenage suspects accused of going on a vandalism spree in the Spring area faced a judge Monday.

Joshua Pereson, 17, and Sarah Villareal, 17, are charged with felony vandalism, court records state.

The judge ruled that both teens can stay with their parents while they await trial.

Pereson,Villareal,Alexandra Foster and Taylor Thornton used bats, bricksand rocks to vandalize at least 33 cars and homes during Thanksgiving in Spring-area neighborhoods, according to investigators.

Prosecutors said that the group caused more than $25,000 in damage.

If the teens, who are high school students in the Klein Independent School District, miss school, go out at night, contact each other or test positive for drugs or alcohol, they will be put back in jail, the judge ruled.

They could face six months to two years in jail and full restitution for the damage.

One girl is a cheerleader at Klein High School and the other is on the drill team. The two boys attend Klein Collins High School.

The teens told investigators that some of the homes and vehicles were targeted because they belonged to classmates, including ex-boyfriends and girlfriends whothe suspects did not like.

Everybody contributed someone they didn t like, or someone that they wished to target, and that s where their list came from, Corporal Roger Schmidt, with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable s Office, said.

Other homes were targeted simply because they had nice vehicles.

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