MONTGOMERY COUNTY Perla Leal turns 19 years old in two days. However, the only gift she wants is an end to a week-long harassment by bullies online.

People think it is funny, but it s not, Leal said.

Someone created a Facebook page called Highway 59 Rachetts. It showed pictures ripped off the personal Facebook accounts of Leal and several other teenage girls from Liberty and Montgomery Counties. The girls were called names we can t repeat. It was so obscene that parents whose children were not involved cringed.

Oh my goodness, said Michelle Sanchez, a parent. I have teenagers and if I even heard somebody was talking like that about my daughter I hate to say how awful I would feel about it. That s what causes poor teenagers to commit suicide and do things to themselves they shouldn t be doing.

Leal is not distraught, but admits hurt.

It gets to me sometimes, she said. At first, I was like these people have no life. Then, I got two blocked (phone) calls saying you re a whore blah, blah, blah.

Whoever is behind it is hiding. Leal and other girls on the webpage believe the creator is someone in Splendora. The school superintendent there said she received several phone calls about it from parents and students. District police are investigating. They also emailed Facebook. The page has been taken down.

Still, Leal said damage to her is done and she wants her cyber bully caught and forced to apologize.

(That person) owes an apology to every single person (he or she) put on there and harassed like that and possibly do some jail time to learn their lesson, teach them not to do what they did, Leal said.

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