HOUSTON An employee was accused of using his company s credit cards to make money on the side by selling gas at half price to people he met on the street, according to the Houston Police Department.

Adam Robert Puente, 30, was charged with felony aggregate theft.

The general manager for Professional Service Industries (PSI) noticed strange transactions on the November statement for his company credit card and decided to investigate. He found several unauthorized major transactions at several Flying J gas stations on non-working days, according to court documents.

He called one of the truck stops to voice his concerns and was allowed to review surveillance video taken during the times the transactions were made.

The manager recognized Puente, a PSI employee, on the video. Puente allegedly used three different PSI fuel company cards on non-company vehicles. Each card was connected to a PSI driver identification number.

During the investigation, they were able to match transaction numbers to the video time codes.

Puente was then brought in for questioning.

Puente confessed to stealing PSI company credit cards from parked fleet trucks and going to several gas stations in the area, according to court documents. He would offer half-price gas to customers in exchange for the cash and admitted to running the scam between September 3 and November 5.

He said he only made between $2,000 and $3,000 from the transactions, but credit card statements showed the actual purchases totaled $17,500, investigators said.

Puente s bail was set at $2,000.

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