HOUSTON A 14-year-old west Houston boy believes an approaching bus ultimately saved him from a dangerous encounter at his bus stop.

It happened Monday morning at the corner of Briar Forest and Bentworth.

Mark Contreras said he was waiting for his bus, as he always does.

The 8th grade Beechnut Academy student said a goldish brown Buick pulled over and a passenger got out andbegan hassling him.

He asked me if I had any money on me. I told him, 'No' and he tells me, 'Empty out my pockets,' explained Contreras. He tried to dig at my pockets and take everything I have.

He said the confrontation escalated as the stranger started grabbing.

I push him away. I ask him what is he doing. He grabs my arm and is like, Come on dude get in the car, you don t want to die right here, he said. He grabbed me and tried to pull the car.

Then camethe teen'ssaving grace.

Contreras said when the man saw his bus driving toward them, he bolted. He said there was a second man driving the car.

The teen and his mother filled out a report with Houston police. Contreras mom questioned what the men were trying to do.

It s scary. Like I ve told my son, this can happen to anybody, not just a little girl or a younger boy, said mother Bibi Salazar.

Salazar said an investigator took down the report as an attempted kidnapping. She said there s no question about it, she ll be driving her son to school from here on out.

I am worried, because like I told them, they had bad intentions. Maybe it didn t stop with him. Maybe there s a kid who didn t go home today, Salazar said.

Salazar said she plans on meeting with HISD school officials on Tuesday.

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