KINGWOOD, Texas A Houston-based air conditioning technician is suing a Kingwood medicalfacility for $1 million after he said he was attacked by hornets, which then caused him to fall through a skylight.

Amador Gonzales, Jr., 38, filed a petition in the 61st District Court saying the incident occurred on Oct. 20.

Gonzales said he was working for Tek Plan Solutions and was called to make repairs to a hospital s air condition units, located on the top of the building.

After he removed a panel from one of the units, the repairman was stung by several hornets, alleged court documents. Gonzales then fell 30 feet from the roof through the building s plexiglass skylight.

The worker s lawsuit stated he sustained severe, life-threatening injuries.

The lawsuit claims Kingwood Medical Center was negligent in failing to provide and maintain a safe place for [Gonzalez] and invitees; creating the unreasonably dangerous conditions or allowing them to be created; [and] in failing to adequately warn workers of these conditions.

The property s owners filed a response, denying responsibility for his injuries.

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