HOUSTON Fort Bend County deputies arrested a father, son and daughter in connection with a bank robbery and detectives say the arrest may help clear as many as six other bank robbery cases in two states.

Ronald Scott Catt, 50, his son Hayden Scott Catt, 20, and daughter Abigail Abby Catt, 18 were taken into custody on Nov. 9. They are accused of robbing the 1st Community Credit Union located in the 23100 block of Cinco Ranch Blvd. on Oct. 1.

Investigators said the father and son entered the bank with guns and wore orange traffic vests and dark sunglasses. The son wore a fake mustache and the father wore a painter s mask, deputies said. The daughter drove the getaway vehicle, deputies said.

The father and son were arrested at an apartment in the 300 block of Dominion in the Katy area. Both were placed in the Fort Bend County Jail with bonds of $140,000.

Later in the day the daughter was arrested at the sheriff s officer. Her bond is $100,000.

Investigators were able to link the suspects to other bank robberies based on the disguises that were worn. The father and son were linked to the August robbery of a Comerica Bank, located at Interstate-10 and Fry Road.

Investigators examined the orange traffic vests and surgical masks worn by the suspects and did some old fashioned detective work by checking out a nearby Home Depot. It turns out the Catts had been captured on video purchasing the items before the robberies took place, investigator said.

Deputies say the Catt family s alleged crime spree actually began in their home town of Portland, Oregon with as many as five bank robberies there, before they moved to Texas.

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