HOUSTON Three gang members who have been terrorizing ATM customers in West Houston are behind bars thanks to a police stakeout.

Police say cousins Andrew and Warren Howard and their friend, Jamarcus White, are dangerous career criminals.

They re accused of robbing nine people in nine days at ATMs along Westheimer in West Houston.

The latest case happened on October 29 when David Allyn s late-night trip to the bank turned into a nightmare.

They came at me so fast, I didn t have time to react, Allyn said. I had one guy, big guy, with a gun in my face and one guy standing in front of my truck with an assault rifle pointing through my windshield. And he swore at me a lot and told me to give up everything I had.

When he didn t move fast enough, they attacked.

That was when he hit me with a gun pistol in the face, Allyn said.

This time the cops were ready.

We had one officer with binoculars watching this happen, it happened instantaneously, said Lt. Tim Kubiak with the Houston Police Department. The whole robbery happened in 20 seconds.

Officers chased the suspects, who crashed after ramming a police car.

They were taken into custody and Allyn got his stuff back.

I m just glad they got them off the street and it s not going to happen to anyone else, Allyn said.

Police are also glad about that.

Until they were caught, they were going to continue to do it, Kubiak said.

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