FOREST HILL -- The family is hurting. The church family is hurting, said Norvel Clay, a church member of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church.

The doors at Spencer Funeral Home swung wide open - welcoming people in - just like Pastor Danny Kirk at Greater Sweethome.

He was a great man of God, said Julia Hurd, who made it a point to pay her respects.

It's going to take a while for us to heal, Clay said.

The congregation took that first step with a visitation.

Carla Sullivan took time to remember the pastor's spirit of giving.

He had bought Halloween candy and I had told him I hadn't bought my candy yet, let me buy some of that candy. He said, 'Okay get whatever you need.'

Pastor Ray Brackins remembered one of his best friends in Christ, who was often called a gentle giant.

He recognized that he was here, placed here on this Earth by God to be a blessing to the lives of other people, Brackins said.

The marks of the car that came crashing through the church building on Monday are being erased, while the image of their leader at the pulpit and what he stood for will continue.

He would hug everybody, regardless who they were or what their pitfalls were, Clay said.

Pastor Brackins believes there is no time for regret, but always time to hug, encourage, and bless one another. It's a lesson the passing of Pastor Kirk has taught him.

Never allow a day to go by when you take their leadership for granted, Brackins said.

The funeral service for Pastor Danny Kirk will be Saturday, Nov. 3 at noon at the Great Commission Baptist Church at 7700 McCart Avenue in Ft. Worth.


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