MILTON, Wash. -- When a parent goes overseas for a year or months at a time, family members find different ways to cope.

Six-year-old Sidney DeLibero prefers using martial arts weapons.

It gets my mind off it, said Sidney.

Her father, Air Force Reservist Staff Sgt. Scott DeLibero, spent most of the first year of Sidney s life in Iraq.

This summer Sidney earned her black belt in taekwondo shortly after her sixth birthday.

The family learned Sidney is believed to be the youngest black belt recipient. Her brother Simon got his black belt when he was the ripe age of seven.

It still just amazes me, said Simon, who s now ten.

Simon said taekwondo has been the perfect distraction for he and his sister when their dad is away with the Air Force.

You re not thinking about it, said Simon.

Their father still goes on training missions for months at a time and could face future deployments.
Scott DeLibero credits taekwondo for teaching his children traits he wasn t always around to teach.

Being generous, respect, self-respect, being kind and generous to others, said Scott.

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