Making the rounds in Texas, former President Bill Clinton stopped off in San Antonio Thursday, stepping into one of the more hotly contested political races in the country.

Clinton spoke at a rally for Democrat Pete Gallego at South San High School. Gallego is running against Republican Congressman Francisco Quico Canseco for the 23rd District seat.

In an energized 25-minute speech Clinton also took some pot-shots at Republic presidential candidate Mitt Romney, including one about student loans.

This is one thing that there's been no attempt to gloss over: Their going to give that money back to the banks and take it away from the kids, and undermine the future of Americans, and it will disproportionally affect Hispanic Americans in every state in this country, but all of our children will be affected, he said.

Clinton said the nation's future depends on a strong election turnout from Democrats.

There is no doubt in my mind that if every single person in Texas who is eligible to vote registered and voted, this would be a Democratic state, he said.

The former president also traveled to Beaumont to appear at a Thursday rally for former Democratic congressman, Nick Lampson.

South San High School junior, Benjamin Ozuna, 16, snapped these photos of former President Bill Clinton speaking at a Democratic rally for candidate Pete Gallego held Thursday, October 25, 2012.

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