HOUSTON A trio of suspects used a crow bar to break in to an east side nightclub early Wednesday before leading officers on a high-speedchase, according to the Houston Police Department.

It happened around 3 a.m.after workers at the Link nightclub on Fannin called 911 to report a break-in. Police said the workers were in the club and heard the suspects breaking in.

Officers arriving at the scene spotted one of the suspects running to a parked car, and a chase ensued.

The officer followed the suspects onto Highway 59 and then I-10 East to Lockwood. Police said eventually the suspects got off the freeway and wrecked their car in a concrete ditch at a park on Coke Street at Calles Street. At least two of the men jumped out andran away on foot, HPDsaid.

HPD said the driver was apprehended immediately while the two other suspects were caught in a nearby apartment.

Police dogs assisted in the search for the suspects.

The father of one of the suspects arrived at the scene and said his 22-year-old son used his car to try and pull off the crime.

Just angry -- he ain't got no business stealing, said Drexel Mosley. If he was doing that, he ain't go no business doing that.

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