HOUSTON -- As a jury decides the sentence for a former Houston Police officer found guilty of sexual assault more women have come forward with allegations.

Three women told a Harris County jury that it happened while 27-year old Abraham Joseph was on the job and in uniform. They claimed he used force to sexually assault them both inside and outside his cruiser.

Last year, the former HPD officer had been assigned to patrol a South Houston neighborhood which included the El Diamante nightclub.

It was there that he allegedly waited in the parking lot and targeted women who were getting off of work in the middle of the night.

His alleged victims were all Latino and said he pulled them over. They were scared to tell police what happened because of their immigration status.

Yet on Thursday they finally spoke up, after a jury found Joseph guilty of sexually assaulting a waitress.

Following the verdict, the judge allowed the women to speak. Through an interpreter, each shared her own graphic account.

It is unclear if the witnesses plan to take legal action of their own, or if there are even more victims.

As for Joseph, he could spend anywhere from five years to life in prison, depending on what the jury decides Friday.

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