PLANO -- A registered sex offender living in Plano said he's being unjustly evicted.

When Josh Gravens was 12, he made sexual contact with his little sister. When his mom asked their church for help, the counselor turned him into police.

He's now a married father of four, but he's considered a sex offender until he's 31 years old.

Gravens said his apartment knew his registry status, but this week he claims managers at Cross Creek Apartments told him he had five days to move out.

And I'm here to stay, and I'm here to fight, and I'm going to fight this through to the end, Gravens said. We did not break our contract, and we feel a judge will side with us when it comes down to the actual eviction hearing.

Gravens has five more years on the sex offender registry.

He said until then, he will continue to have a hard time keeping a job and staying involved with his kids. Right now, he can't even take them to school.

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