HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A retired firefighter took action when a pair of masked home invasion suspects forced his family to the floorin their southeast Harris County home.

Larry Covingtonsaid he was unloading groceries in his driveway on Glenhurst in South Park when the two armed robbers forced him inside.

Kept threatening to kill us, Larry Covington, 58, said. But he managed to get to his gun and got into a point blank range shootout with one bandit while the other was up in his attic.

Just an opening, and I found that opening and once I got that opening, I got to a gun and I had to use it, Covington said.

He told Williams that after shooting and killing the first suspect, the second started running away, exchanging gunfire with him the entire time.

He got away and police are still searching for him.

The robber who died at the scene has been identified as Joseph Goudeau, 35, a man who was recently released from prison.

I heard what happened, and I seen the lady run out of the house, screaming Help me! Help me! Somebody s trying to rob us!, said neighbor Calvin Franklin. The next thing I know I hear gunshots. I heard more gunshots, and then I seen one of the suspects run around the corner.

Bullets struck nearby homes during the shootout, breaking glass and leaving holes.

Longtime neighbors said the home had been targeted before, and they don t blame Covington forfighting back.

Covington said he has no idea why his home was hit. He was visibly shaken hours after the shooting.

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