HOUSTON Some security experts are warning against a rush to judgment against the Houston police officer who killed a wheel-chair bound double amputee at a halfway house.

Houston Police Officer Matt Marin shot and killed Brian Claunch Saturday morning at a home for men with mental illnesses. According to police, Claunch was acting aggressively because he wanted cigarettes and a soda.

He was shot after waving around a silver ballpoint pen.

The shooting of Claunch has been followed by outrage from critics. Some have questioned why Marin would ve have been more prepared considering the type of home he responded to. Others have criticized him for not using less lethal force.

Action will always beat reaction, said Chuck Joyner, a retired FBI agent with 25 years of experience at the bureau. Things are happening. You have to decide. It s a life-and-death decision that you have to make now.

Currently, Joyner trains members of law enforcement on when and when not to shoot.

He said officers responding to the 911 call were likely bracing for trouble.

That s the mindset going in that this could be dangerous. I know I m dealing with a disturbed person. I know I m dealing with someone who s violent and that s why they called me, he said.

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