HOUSTON There are parking fees, gas to get to the game, tickets and then the parking lot party. One modest tailgating soiree could drain your discretionary cash, quick! That s unless you re a thrifty shopper.

From tailgating to house parties, football season and all its fun is in full effect. Why not score big for less when it comes to tailgating?

First save yourself some dough on cooking ingredients and paper goods, then head to the dollar store. One review found everything from pans to tongs can be bought for up to 90 percent less than Target and Walmart.

Stock up when briskets, ribs and chickens go on sale. Buy them and store them in the freezer until game day.

To save on ice, turn your bottled water into ice packs. Freeze them the night before and drink them later or use them as future ice packs.

Buy your booze at the warehouse. A smart money report found you can save 30 percent on beer and liquor at discount clubs and some even allow you to buy the booze without a membership.

Tortilla chips will complement any tailgating spread nicely. They re the most versatile. You can dunk them into everything; spinach dip or queso, and you can even make a Frito pie with them better yet a tortilla pie. Tortilla chips are often a dollar less than brand name potato chips. A bag of tortilla chips will cost you between 99 cents and $2.

Also, make as much as you can yourself. Store bought dip is $3 to $4 dollars. A packet of dry salad dressing mix and a container of yogurt or lite sour cream cost about $2.

It s all super savings for a super good time.

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