HOUSTON A man and woman who claimed they worked for CenterPoint are wanted for stealing a safe from a Richmond homeowner last week.

The pair showed up at Stanley Smith s house on August 29 and said they needed to check his meter in the backyard.

Smith, a 75-year-old widower, followed the woman to the backyard, while the male suspect stayed in front.

Smith said the woman spent about 10 minutes looking at his meter, and then got a phone call. The pair then left in an unmarked white SUV.

Smith didn t become suspicious until a few days later when he realized his safe was missing.

I was getting ready to pay my yard man and I had no money. It was in the safe, Smith said.

He s not too happy. At least for the moment he s lost everything, said neighbor Scott Wallace. From his will to all of his accounts, his credit cards, everything.

His late wife s birth and death certificates were also in the safe.

Not that it s not bad enough anyway, but when they re preying on the elderly who are most of the time on a fixed income trying to get by something needs to be done, said Sgt. Lowell Neinast with the Richmond Police Department.

Smith hopes they re caught soon.

They ought to be really punished. That s the way I feel, cause I worked hard for my money, he said.

The victim said both suspects appeared to be in their mid-20s with slender builds. The man was wearing a CenterPoint Energy cap.

CenterPoint said its employees wear uniforms and badges.


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