HOUSTON Stroller Fit groups have grown in popularity in recent years for moms wanting to work out, but now there are spinoff groups creating a craze; particularly, Baby Boot Camp.

Jamie Daigle is no drill sergeant, although she barks out commands. She s a certified personal trainer who owns and operates the latest Houston-area Baby Boot Camp in Humble/Kingwood.

We work on prenatal and post-natal workouts and fitness, said Daigle. We really want to focus on getting mommy s baby weight off and also, while she s pregnant, staying fit and staying healthy.

And after the workout s over, Daigle wants them to feel the pain.

I just want everybody to feel like Wow my whole body is sore, she said.

The intensity level of Baby Boot Camp is pretty high; especially when compared to traditional stroller groups where the focus is mostly on running and walking.

We do a lot of strength training. I like to do a lot of squats; like to work out the biceps, Daigle said. Just a full body workout.

Burning calories, building muscle and keeping up with the kids, it is all a part of the workout.

Amber Diamond recently started Baby Boot Camp.

It s a great workout and a good place to bring your kids. And have them play and engage in the workout with you, Diamond said.

Diamond has two children she brings along to boot camp. Her youngest daughter turns 1 next week.

I ve done the workout videos at home, Diamond said. But you kind of have more help here with all the moms than doing it on your own.

The children are integrated into the workout from start to finish and Daigle hopes they are learning by example.

Childhood obesity is becoming such a problem, she said. So when they see us coming out, and working on ourselves, and trying to be fit and have a good lifestyle, it helps.

Baby Boot Camp is a nationwide franchise. Classes average about $85 a month.

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