HOUSTON A Houston woman who says she was sexually harassed by an intake officer at a city jail is demanding justice.

Lauren Friese filed a formal complaint with the Houston Police Department on Wednesday.

He should be punished for what he did, said Friese. It s not OK.

Friese made her remarks at HPD s Mykawa detention facility where she had been taken last week following her arrest on a failure to appear violation.

She said moments after she arrived, the officer began to behave badly.

I felt like he was just physically looking me up and down like I m a piece of meat, she said.

Friese claimed that the officer asked inappropriate personal questions and fondled her hands while processing her finger prints.

She also said that he aimed the camera at her chest when he took her mug shot.

The camera sits there. It s not like he was trying to get it focused right. It just sits there, she said.

Friese said the officer asked for her phone number but she refused.

The next day when she was back at home, she said the officer called her on her cell phone.

He identified himself. The call was very brief, she said.

A few hours later she said he sent a text to her phone that said: Hey you. Send me a pic.

I felt humiliated and degraded, Friese said.

Houston Police Department officials confirmed that the officer is the focus of an internal investigation.

He should be fired for this, said Friese. They should have a zero-tolerance policy.

The officer could not be reached for comment.

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