HOUSTON A group gathered at the Saint Arnold Brewery on Saturday to help a Texas man who survived James Holmes violent rampage in a Colorado movie theater.

Brent Lowak, 27, is from Bulverde, near San Antonio. He was in Aurora visiting an old girlfriend when the shooting happened and he was hit by a bullet.

Lowak s Houston friends held the fundraiser to show him support.

He s always been there and he s selfless. Every single person has story of how Brent helped out, never asked for anything in return. Everybody that knows him, they don t just like Brent, they love Brent, said Haley Polak.

Lowak is back at his Bulverde home. He s improving but still needs lots of rehab.

He doesn t have health insurance so several fundraisers have been held to help with his medical bills.

If you d like to help, you can donate to the Brent Lowak Survivor Expense Fund at any Wells Fargo branch.

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