DALLAS Angela Bryant no longer wants to press charges against her son, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Dez and Angela Bryant now say what happened between them was a family disagreement, not unlike disagreements in many families.

They ask that there not be a rush to judgment concerning their family, State Sen. Royce West, Dez Bryant's attorney a few of the 278 words West used in speaking with reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

West did all the talking while Dez and his mother sat side-by-side silently for the news conference that took less than two minutes.

His message: Mother and son are united.

They are here today to show they do love and support each other, just as they did before the incident a week ago, West said.

Despite Angela Bryant's disturbing 911 call claiming abuse by her son, Dez s mother now says it was all a misunderstanding. She wants the assault charge against her son dropped.

The Bryants have disagreements, West conceded. Mr. Bryant and his family understand the serious nature of family violence. They believe when the facts are reviewed, he will be cleared of all allegations of family violence.

But womens' groups say it is not uncommon for domestic violence victims to change their stories and refuse to go through with prosecution.

Paige Fink, who runs The Family Place domestic violence shelter, says many victims fear the ramifications including the potential loss of financial support.

I understand why they don't, but I think it's challenging because if you don't hold that perpetrator accountable for the violence, it will happen again, Fink said.

The Bryants' news conference which attracted dozens of reporters and photographers ended without questions.

Then within minutes of leaving his laywyer's office Dez Byrant tweeted:

I'm about to go pick up this red velvet cake

The district attorney's office is still reviewing the case and could still prosecute, but family violence experts say that is unlikely with an uncooperative victim.

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to comment on what they will do with Bryant and his latest troubles. He is still expected to show up at training camp next week.

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