KNOXVILLE, Tenn. One of the youngest members of the US Olympic swim team could make history in London.

Missy Franklin has been training hard for ten years to get to her first Olympic games.

It s crazy. I never thought my biggest dream would come true at 17-years-old. I ve worked so hard, harder than I ever thought I could possibly work, said Franklin.

No American woman has ever competed in more than six events at an Olympics. Franklin qualified to swim in four individual events and three relays in London. Just by jumping in the water, she ll be breaking records.

To have that honor and to be able to represent my country in those many events, it s just oh my gosh, it s so exciting. And I m going to do the best I can in every single one of them, said Franklin.

Franklin is expected to medal in most if not all of the seven events she ll likely compete in.

The high school senior, who grew up in Colorado, credits her mom for getting her to start swimming when she was five. Her talent has caught the attention of fans and her teammates.

Even Michael Phelps called her a stud.

Very kind words from Michael. He s very studly himself, said Franklin.

Franklin says she s trying to let every moment of this experience sink in.

Every single day I wake up with a smile on my face and go to bed with a smile on my face. I m the happiest girl in the world and I love what I do more than anything, she said.

And now she s excited to show the world what she can do in London.

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