MONTGOMERY COUNTY Homeowners living near a rising creek decided not to take chances and packed up their belongings Friday night.

U-Hauls occupied several driveways on Wilderness Road near Hickory Hill in Montgomery County, as Spring Creek slowly crawled toward their houses.

We re just grabbing what we can and heading to a friend s house, said a homeowner who decided not to be identified.

Other homeowners had no intentions of leaving.

I ll be putting up my pictures and tax forms, said Lynn Bennett, who planned to remain in her house over night.

She said she lived through a bad flood in 1994 and said she felt better prepared this time around.

I m nervous, but we ll be alright, she said.

Forecasters warned the creek could crest several feet above flood stage, convincing some homeowners to turn to God.

We re just going to pray that we don t get water in our house, said Joy Slider. That s all we can do.

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