HOUSTON Residents in a neighborhood near The Woodlands were feeling like they were living in the Wetlands on Thursday afternoon. Another day of relentless rainfall caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage to a number of homes in the area.

More than a foot of water flooded streets and left people salvaging what they could. Some realized how little they had left

Everything, the chairs, my kid s bed, everything. I don t know what we re going to do, said Rosa Moreno. We have never been this broke.

Two women on Gary Lane showed up with boxes to help out a co-worker whose home was left in shambles.

We re just going to power pack and I believe she went to get a storage unit, and we gathered some money from work. We re going to order some pizza and we re going to have a packing party-- an unplanned packing party, said one woman.

The sudden packing is not something many had planned for. While the rain was anticipated, few had anticipated the aftermath.

Anything you can imagine that would be on your floor at your house is washed to one end of our house. (I m) having to ring out the clothes, basically start over again, throw them all away, said Amy Flores, cleaning out her mother-in-law s home.

On top of dealing with the damage, residents reported seeing snakes and droves of fire ants in flooded yards.

We actually saw about four snakes coming into our garage, explained Antonio Carraway. You ve just got to fight them off and keep them from coming in.

Carraway told KHOU he planned to move because of fears that the flooding could happen again.

Residents in the low-lying area said this type of flooding has occurred in the past. Many are crossing their fingers, hoping that the worst is over.

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