HOUSTON A local mom and her toddler were found dead Tuesday, and her 6-year-old sonwas critically wounded, in a murder case that spans from El Campo to Laredo, investigators said.

Brandy Cerny s body was found Tuesday afternoon in a dilapidated shed in El Campo, on a property where the man being held in connection with the murders, Demond Bluntson, used to keep dogs, police said.

Earlier in the day, authorities found Cerny s 21-month-old son shot to death, and her 6-month-old son injured, in a motel 250 miles away in Laredo.

Family members said Cerny, 28, and Bluntson, 36, had a child together and had recently broken up. Bluntson was arrested Tuesday in Laredo, but as of Wednesday morning had not been formally charged.

Cerny was last seen with her sons at church on Sunday and was reported missing by her father on Monday.

Police did not say what the children were doing in Laredo, and they have not yet determined if Cerny died prior to the shootings of her sons.

Investigators said a call placed to El Campo police tipped off the investigation.

Arthur Washingon, a resident who lives by Bluntson s property in El Campo, said he was the one who found Cerny s body.

My heart dropped, and I thought about my wife because they were friends, and I thought about my children and thought about her family, said Washington.

He said he was hoping for the best when he began looking for Cerny on Dunlop Street. He remembered her as a friendly mother who was always with her kids.

She was a great mother, just all around good people to be around, he said.

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