HOUSTON The teen burglar at the center of an HPD beating scandal went before a Harris County judge early Thursday after he was arrested again for burglary. A neighbor who witnessed the incident said Chad Holley and three other suspects are lucky they were not killed.

Holley was back behind bars Wednesday after he allegedly broke into a home in a northwest Harris County subdivision, Easton Commons, around 2 p.m.

Deputies said Holley and three others parked at a dead end street in the 12900 block of Forest Trails, unlawfully entered a home and started loading up the goods.

The neighbor who saw it all unfold, Brandon Scott, called 911.

[I was] getting frustrated, watching them hand stuff over the fence, Scott said.

Scott was armed with a shotgun and said he was ready to take action if needed.

I think I had six rounds, there were four suspects, so I d have taken them out, he said. We re in the State of Texas. You break into my house, you die.

The four burglars fled and were caught just a few blocks away.

The community was stunned to find out one of the suspects was indeed Holley.

Holley gained national attention after he was seen being beaten by a group of Houston police officers in 2010. Police chased him down after he burglarized a home and began to stomp him while he was on the ground. He was only 16 at the time, and the entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

After the video surfaced, the community was divided and local activists, led by Quanell X, held protests against the police department.

Four officers were eventually charged, and one has since gone to trial.

Last month, an all-white jury returned a not-guilty verdict in the official oppression trial of Andrew Blomberg, the first officer accused in the case. That verdict triggered more protests and threats of retaliation by Quanell X.

Three other officers are awaiting trial in the Holley beating case.

For the burglary in 2010, Holley was given probation. Holley admitted later that he had made some mistakes from his appearance in another video that surfaced showing him flashing what appeared to be a gang sign, to his choice in friends.

Now he and his friends were led into court Thursday morning, all dressed in bright orange jail jumpsuits, for this latest offense.

Holley was charged with burglary of a habitation again and given a $10,000 bond.

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