HOUSTON The high school student who was jailed for missing too much school has responded to the international support she received.

A fund for Diane Tran, 17, was set up after a Montgomery County judge ordered her to spend a night in jail for truancy.

The fund raised over $100,000 and money keeps coming in.

Tran says she s going to use it to do great things, but for now, she s focused on finishing high school.

I m not going to miss any more school. [I m going to use] time management. Don t put too much on my plate, said Tran.

Tran missed 18 days of school because she works two jobs, all while maintaining a place on the honor roll, she said.

Students between the ages of 12 and 18 cannot miss more than 10 days of school in a six-month period. Violators can be charged with truancy, a Class C misdemeanor. Tran was previously ordered by the court not to miss any more school, and as faced more serious consequences as a result.

Tran says she plans to work over the summer and save up for college.

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