HOUSTON More than 150 people onboard a Dana Air jet perished in a crash in Lagos over the weekend, including two sisters from Missouri City.

Jennifer Onita, 28, and Josephine Anita Onita, 23, died in the accident.

Their eldest sister Christiana Onita Olojo told KHOU that they were in Lagos for a weekend.

She s very book warmish, I should say. She graduated from Texas Tech studying engineering, said Olojo of Jennifer, hwo worked in aeronautics engineering for a NASA contractor.

Josephine was an entrepreneur.

She managed the financial planning tax office, which was started by my father 25 years ago. He was retiring so he passed on everything to her, said Olojo. These two young ladies were right standing with God, in right standing with men. There is no one that they had malice with.

Tuesdayis Olojo s birthday. She was going to celebrate it with her sisters, but now the only images she has of themare in her newborn daughter s eyes.

When I look at my daughter, I see both of their faces. Sometimes when she makes a face she looks like Anita and Jennifer, said Olojo. The one thing I know is they are with my heavenly Father right now, and I know He is watching over them and one day we will be able to enjoy that peace with God.

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