HOUSTON A new video game released gives a whole new meaning to the phrase what would Jesus do?

In the game players relive Bible stories and come in contact with Christ.

Every week we release new chapters of the game that are stories right out of the Gospel, said Brent Dusing, CEO of Lightside Games. The California-based Christian company is behind the new Journey of Jesus game.

The game launched this week on Facebook, where it competes against secular games such as Angry Birds and Mafia Wars.

Journey of Jesus is being billed as the first Christ-centric video game online.

We have a lot of people who are viewing this as a really fun depiction of the life of Jesus, Dusing said.

Still, it is not a depiction that many people are used to. Patrick Ngwolo, a minister at Houston s Good Hope Baptist Church, questioned how Jesus looks in the game.

I think I would rather no one know what he looks like than everybody depict him in the way they think they should, Ngwolo said.

Yet it was not enough to keep him from playing.

I think it is something I would play and continue to play, Ngwolo said.

Tens of thousands of others have also joined Facebook s newest flock.

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