HOUSTON -- Just about all forms of fashion conceal something. But Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, has taken that in a different direction.

He recently entered the fashion world with a new clothing line called American Tactical. It is designed to help conceal weapons.

It s totally comfortable, Hoffner said. It s a total necessity.

Pants comes in khaki or denim and cost $150 a pair. There are 15 pockets on them.

For tactical use, for rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition, whatever you may need, Hoffner said.

The patent is pending and he expects to soon release shorts. All kinds of customers are expected.

Soccer moms to professional door-kickers, special responders to everyday superheroes, Hoffner said.

The clothes can be found online and at C&G Wholesale Stores. Hoffner is proud to add that they are made in Texas.

Click here for more info on American Tactical.

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