DALLAS The city's new landmark across the Trinity River is a breathtaking bridge that begs to be photographed.

But Elaine Steigler and Dena Carvell shot a video on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the weekend they hope no one else ever will.

I had the woolies until I fell asleep that night, Steigler said.

No, it's not something you get over easily, Carvell added. It's a brush with death almost.

It was an unnerving sight which Elaine captured on her iPhone.

This car's on the wrong street, Dena is heard saying on the video. Damn! He's going the wrong way!

A maroon Dodge pickup truck was headed east in the westbound lanes of the Hill Bridge late Saturday night.

The Lord definitely had us in his hands that night, Steigler said.

She asked me to move into the left hand lane so I could turn left when we got off the bridge, Carvell explained.

Thank God she didn't do what I asked her to do immediately like a robot, Steigler said.

The truck driver got all the way to the Woodall Rogers Freeway before turning around.

Cars and trucks flashed their lights and honked their horns at the Dodge to no avail.

That could have been catastrophic, Carvell said.

It's clear that No Pedestrians are allowed on the bridge where it connects to Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. But the City of Dallas has yet to erect a single sign that warns Wrong Way or Do Not Enter.

Thank God nothing happened first of all, said Dallas City Council member Monica Alonzo. She wonders if the truck might have taken a wide turn driving north on Beckley and turning east onto the bridge.

Regardless, the councilwoman agreed with Carvell and Steigler that the incident needs a closer look.

We want to make sure that the constituents know that the issues are being addressed, Alonzo said.


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