HOUSTON The first of four Houston police officers on trial in the Chad Holley beating case was back in court Tuesday morning while attorneys tried to pick a jury.

Andrew Blomberg was one of the officers indicted, accused of excessively beating the teen burglary suspect at the end of a chase.

Several potential jurors admitted it was not easy to watch video clips of the officers beating Holley.

One said it was hard to watch while another said media coverage had already convinced her the officers were guilty.

Blomberg s lawyers, however, said their client did nothing wrong.

The video is ugly, but, when you look at what Andrew Blomberg tried to do; he was a hero, attorney Dick DeGuerin said. He assisted in the arrest of one burglar and then assisted an officer in the arrest of another burglar and he recovered the loot.

Others disagree.

What I saw was criminal.It was criminal. If you saw the video, ya ll only saw 20 second span of it. It was a minute and 58 seconds of real time. That boy was stomped, kicked, punched over and over again, said Cyndi Payton, the person who released the video. It was horrible. It was very bad.

Jury selection could take at least a week.Blomberg could spend up to a year in jail if convicted.

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