PASADENA, Texas These days, it seems you have to take out a second mortgage just to fill your tanks up with gas, but that was not the case for some lucky customers in Pasadena early Tuesday.

Dozens of people lined up at the Conoco gas station on Queens Road and Allen Genoa after, unbeknownst to the store employees, gas prices dropped to $1.01 per gallon.

Clerks working at the gas station said some sort of computer glitch switched the prices on the brand-new pumps around midnight, when the store was closing.

After word of the mishap spread on Facebook, so many people were scrambling to get the low-price gas, police were sent to the station.

Benito Cruz, who usually pays $40 to fill up his vehicle, was happily surprised when he filled up for a fourth of that.

When I was passing by, one of my brother-in-laws had called me saying it was a $1.01 a gallon here.  So I pumped my gas, I got it for $10. Ten dollars to fill up my whole tank, Cruz said.

Once store employees discovered what was happening, the pumps were shut down.

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