WALLER, Texas The murders of a Waller couple and their oldest son have rocked the town of Waller to its core.

With a population just over 2,000, it s the kind of place where most people know each other.

The Seslers were no exception.

They are lifelong Waller residents. Been here for years, said one Waller resident, who knew the family.

The couple and their 26-year-old son, Mark, were gunned down inside their home earlier this week. Their other son, Trey,was being held without bond on capital murder charges Thursday.

We were surprised because nothing like this has happened in such a small town, said Terri McNeill, a Waller resident.

It s unexplainable how an individual can do that, said Kory NcNeill.

Detectives said Trey told them he killed his parents and brother because he didn t want them to be ashamed of what he was about to do. They said Sesler was plotting a Columbine-style attack on an unnamed school.

A relative described Trey Sesler as strange.

A high school friend saidSesler was being treated for depression. He said Trey loved his brother, but hated school and his teachers.

The barber who cuts Trey s hair said he suspected something was wrong with him when his haircut came with an odd request.

He told me, Make it look like it hurts. Yeah make it look like it hurts, said Robert Martinez. I have no idea. I just tried to make it look messy.

Martinez described Sessler as extremely quiet, but he was far from shy in several YouTube videos where he fired guns of all sizes.

Sesler s Facebook page offered no hint of what was to come. He wrote: I m Trey, no nicknames or anything. I really like to take it easy and have a nice time. I m really interested in my education as a college student and am really excited about graduating in a few years. I plant things sometimes in the spring like peppers and strawberries. My car is currently the most exciting part of my days. Please to meet you though, take it easy.

Trey Sesler's father, Lawton Sesler, was a fifth-grade teacher at Robison Elementary School in Cy-Fair ISD.His mother,Rhonda Sesler, reportedly worked for the local paper.

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