DALLAS - If a cat has nine lives, an 8-month-old black cat named Rewind just used most of them up.

The cat was rescued this week by Dallas Animal Services officers. She was stuck in a ventilation tunnel that is buried 60 feet below street level.

A maintenance worker heard the animal while working and called for help.

Officer Shannon Mcleod had to climb a series of ladders and crawl through a cramped underground tunnel, where she found the cat clinging to the side of a wall.

I saw the small cat in the dark, her green eyes lit up and she was hanging on, Mcleod said.

The movement and the flashlights scared the animal and it jumped nearly 40 feet to the bottom of the ventilation shaft it was in.

Officer Amy Carlile went down into the pit and rescued the injured cat.

It was dark, very dark, no lights and it was hot, she said.

The officer stayed with the injured cat for close to a half hour in the pit until Dallas firefighters were called to help pull everyone to safety.

The cat, nicknamed Rewind by it's rescuers, is recovering at a Dallas animal hospital.

She suffered injuries to her mouth and head from the fall. Once she has fully recovered, Rewind is expected to be adopted out.

For more information on how to adopt her or other cats you check out Cat Matchers Facebook page.


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