HOUSTON The police union on Thursday defended officers accused of beating up a woman as she recorded her husband s arrest on her cell phone.

Annika Lewis, 26, said the officers twisted her arm behind her back, punched her and snatched her phone s memory card.

I definitely don t believe that, said Ray Hunt, the president of the Houston Police Officers Union. I believe if there was any physical altercation with that woman, it would be because she was rushing to a scene where there was a resisting arrest taking place.

This came as a portion of the police report on the incident was released for the first time.

The officers attempted to stop (the suspect) for moving violations, the report read. The suspect disregarded the officers and led them on a short vehicle pursuit.

On Sunday, the couple s attorney, Robert Collier, had said the pursuit had only lasted a few blocks before the suspect, Sebastian Prevot, pulled up to his southeast Houston home and got out of his car.

But the report said the initial call went out on the 4800 block of Yellowstone, almost two miles away.

There s a very good possibility that he was actually stopped and the officers are walking up to the car and the car pulled off, said Ray

But no matter the circumstances of his arrest, what happened to his wife s cell phone memory card is still a mystery.

KHOU 11 News Legal Analyst Gerald Treece said that s the bigger issue.

There s no authority under any circumstances for the police to destroy the (memory card), he said. There is zero legal authority. I don t care if it s private property or public property. There s absolutely no distinction.

The only exception, Treece said, would be if Lewis had interfered with the officers duties in arresting her husband. But he said that was unlikely especially since Lewis was 4-fee-11 inches tall and barely more than 100 pounds.

Still, the union president said it was highly unlikely that Lewis had recorded anything since the incident happened so quickly and she was probably just upset that officers were arresting her husband.

The police chief -- through a spokesperson -- has repeatedly declined to comment on the incident because the couple still has not filed a formal complaint.

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