SAN MARCOS, Texas -- A fraternity at Texas State University is in trouble for serving alcohol at a party.

The president of the fraternity, Phi Delt, admits alcohol was served at the event. That is against city ordinance. Now, their national charter is suspended. For all practical purposes, the fraternity is no more.

It's heart-breaking because we know how much time and effort we put into this, senior Justin Jackson said. We know how much this much this organization means to us.

City ordinance states alcohol is not allowed in common areas inside frat houses, but the Phi Delts broke the rules last August by hosting a party with alcohol.

The fraternity does have members who are 18, 19, and 20 years old.

School found out. They didn't like it, Jackson said. What about everybody else? Why is one group being made an example of?

The fraternity was already in trouble with school administrators. The 90 members were on probation for having low grade point averages.

The suspension means Texas State no longer recognizes the fraternity, but the fraternity house remains open. Students still live there. Parties still go on.

There's a lot more aspects of being in a fraternity to help you grow as a person, sophomore Kevin McBee said. If you rip the charter from us, it's like they don't care about all that.

What the school sees is about half of what we do, Jackson said. They see the bad stuff. They don't see all these community service hours we're putting in.

The fraternity can appeal the suspension in five years.

A spokesperson for Texas State declined to comment Tuesday.

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