Sure, they've won all but one game this season.

Yes, no NFL team hails from a smaller community.

But does that make the Green Bay Packers America's Team ?

A new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling and released Wednesday indicates that the Packers are the overwhelming number-one choice for that coveted slogan.

Seven-hundred American voters were polled between December 16 and 18, and 22 percent of them selected Green Bay as their favorite team; only 11 percent picked the Cowboys.

In a contest between just the Packers and Cowboys 49 percent selected Green Bay.

Public Policy Polling also asked Who is your favorite NFL quarterback? Denver's Tim Tebow topped the list with 15 percent. Tony Romo could only muster 4 percent.

The survey did give Dallas the top spot in another, less prestigious category. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed said the Cowboys are their least favorite team.

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