HOUSTON A Good Samaritan, who was struck by a car while trying to help the victim of another accident, died at Memorial Hermann Saturday night. And now prosecutors are preparing additional charges against the driver who hit him.

Luis Turcios, 47, was removed from life support exactly one week after he was hit by a car on Old Beaumont Highway on December 3, 2011.

The car-repair-shop owner was responding to an accident across the four-lane highway from his business. A pedestrian walking in the outside lane late at night had been hit and killed. The driver in that initial accident stopped, and charges are not expected in that case.

That driver and Turcios, along with a wrecker driver, stayed with the victim waiting for sheriff s deputies and an ambulance to arrive. Prosecutors said Turcios was on his cell phone with 911 when a second vehicle sped through a partial road block that wrecker drivers had put in place.   Police said the driver of that pickup truck, identified as Lydia Martinez Mejia, 62, struck Luis Turcios, throwing his body 20 feet through the air. She then clipped the wrecker driver slightly injuring him, and ran over the body of the first victim. Other wrecker drivers on the scene gave chase and caught Mejia about a mile away.

She was initially charged with causing an accident involving injury or death. Five days later, prosecutors added a charge of marijuana possession. Now, after Turcios death, prosecutors are readying an additional charge of intoxication manslaughter.

Mejia was still being held in the Harris County Jail Monday without bond.

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