HOUSTON A 17-year-old student is facing charges after police say he threw a big biology book at the back of his teacher s head.

Edward Rubio, a student at CEP Beechnut Academy,is charged with injury to an elderly person.

According to court documents, the teacher, 65, was having an argument with another person in the classroom on November 3, 2011, when he was struck in the back of the head by a hard-cover biology book.

The teacher said he turned around and saw a group of students behind him including Rubio, who should not have been in his class at that time of the day.

Another teacher who heard about the incident told investigators she later confronted Rubio, because other students had told her Rubio was the one who threw the book.

She said Rubio admitted to throwing the book, but said he did not intend to hit anyone.

But she also said Rubio also told her that he couldn t stand the victim, and he wanted to get him.

Investigators said when they interviewed Rubio about the incident, he said he did not think the book could have hurt the victim and then walked out of the interview room.

The victim gave investigators a copy of his diagnosis from a doctor documenting his injuries.

Charges were filed against Rubio on November 17.

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