HOUSTON A 2-year-old Houston girl is being credited with saving her mother s life after using a cell phone to call for help when she collapsed.

On Thursday, Larissa Taylor fellnext toher 8-month-old daughter s bed and was lying in a way that stopped her from breathing.

Her 2-year-old daughter, Lia Vega, picked up a nearby phone and pressed the call button twice to dial the last number called. That number was her grandmother s.

Her mom will call and let her talk to me a lot, but using the phone and calling me on her own, Iwas very surprised, said Bobbie Gonzalez.

Lia told her grandmother her mom wouldn t wake up and Gonzalez raced to her daughter s side.

Mommy fall down to the floor of sissy s bed, Lia recalled telling her grandmother on the phone.

Taylor was taken to the hospital, where doctors informed her she had several seizures because she was hypoglycemic and diabetic. Her low blood-sugar level triggered theseizures.

I don t know how my daughter knew to call my mom or anything. I never taught her how to use the phone and she saved me that day, Taylor said.

The family said doctors told them Taylor would have died had she stayed lying there for 10 more minutes.

Without her, Idon t know how long my daughter would have laid there and possibly died. It s just amazing what kids learn without even being taught, said Gonzalez.

As asmalltokento thank her daughter for saving her life, Taylor said she s allowing her to get away with a few things she usually wouldn t have.

I ve been calling her my superhero. Because she saved me, she saved my life that day, Taylor said.

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