SOUTH HOUSTON Police have identified a robbery suspect who was killed by an off-duty policer after shooting shot two customers inside a South Houston convenience store.

Police said Officer Paul Brantley was pumping gas when the shootings happened inside the CITGO on 500 College near Dallas Street.

According to investigators, the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Daniel Torres, robbed the store and shot two customers inside. Brantley, an eight-year veteran of the South Houston Police Department,confronted Torres as he attempted to flee.

It s like being in the right place at the right time, said South Houston Police Chief Herbert Gilbert.

Brantley and Torres exchanged gunfire and a foot pursuit ensued. Eventually Brantley caught up with Torres about a block and a half away in the parking lot of a funeral home. That s where the officer shot and killed the suspect.

Gilbert Sanchez, a Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War, said he was about to enter the store at the time of the shootings, but remained in his SUV to respond to a text message.

If I hadn t have gotten the message I could have been shot or injured, said Sanchez.

Both of the wounded customers, David Chapman and Onesimo Rios, were taken to Memorial Herman Hospital where they were said to be in critical condition.

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