HOUSTON Authorities will not file charges against a woman who sent them searching for bodies that didn t exist in Liberty County.

The tip from the woman who claimed to be a psychic sent the Liberty County Sheriff s Office, the FBI and the Texas Rangers on a whirlwind hunt for dozens of bodies she said were buried at a home in Hardin, some 70 miles northeast of Houston.

Liberty County Sheriff s Capt. Rex Evans says the woman will not be charged because she did not act with malice or criminal intent. He says investigators do not know how she had intimate details about the home s interior.

The psychic told KHOU 11 News she just wants her life back after the fiasco.

I was calling to have a welfare check on three live children, said the 48-year-old woman, who only wanted to be identified by her nickname, Angel. Everything pretty much got blown out of proportion.

Angel said she never said anything about dead bodies.

I didn t file a false report. If they make it to be false that s up to them, you know. All I can do is pray that everyone involved, you know, I did what I was told to do. I followed what Jesus and the angels told me to do. It s up to them from there, she said.

The Texas woman said she s worked with law enforcement in the past and said she was just doing what she thought was right.

They up front asked me how I got the information, and I am a reverend. I am a prophet and I get my information from Jesus and the angels, and I told them that I had 32 angels with me and they were giving me the information and then it went from there, she said.

While a search at the home turned up nothing, Angel said she still believes there are children in trouble, but for now she says she s staying out of it.

I want to be left alone, I want to go back to my little life, my little quiet life, and I want this to stop, she said.

Officials at the Liberty County Sheriff s Office maintain the investigation was by the book. In a previous interview with KHOU 11 News, a spokesperson called what they did a justifiable response to a pair of phone calls from a woman who claimed there was a mass grave with children.

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