HOUSTON -- Black Friday shoppers were lining up as early as Wednesday morning at a Galleria-area electronics store.

By 6 p.m. there were about a dozen people in line at the Best Buy in the 5100 block of Richmond.

The store opens Friday at 5 a.m.

I brought my chair, an umbrella and a cooler, said customer Julian Garcia. It s my second time at this Best Buy.

Garcia says he saved over a thousand dollars last year by taking advantage of the early-bird specials. Some of the steals and deals are expected to sell out fast so he wants to make sure he s in the store first.

One guy already offered me 200 bucks but I m not going to do it, yet, said Garcia.

Those already in line are planning to spend Thanksgiving in front of the store. The only breaks they ll take are for food runs and trips to the restroom.

My family is planning to go out of town, but I told them I am going to stay, said William Pepito.

Mother Nature could throw them a punch or two. Temperatures are expected to drop late Thursday and into Friday morning.

Many other customers at the store Wednesday said there s nothing they need so badly to wait in line for over 40 hours.

I hope there s something they really want, said Best Buy customer Ginger Martin. I can t say we d be doing the same thing.

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