HOUSTON -- It s illegal for college students to carry guns on campuses in Texas, but some lawmakers are vowing to push for a change after a gunman opened fire before shooting himself on the University of Texas campus Tuesday.

Authorities identified the gunman as 19-year-old Colton Tooley, a sophomore math major. Witnesses say he was wearing a dark suit, and a ski mask and was armed with an assault rifle. He fled into a library and fatally shot himself. No one else was hurt.

The shooting has renewed the debate over whether students and faculty should be allowed to carry guns on college campuses.

I honestly think, in all my heart, this will make our campuses safer, said State Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston.

The state senator and radio-talk-show host wants to re-introduce a bill he co-authored last year that was never passed. It would allow college students who are 21 years old, and who have a concealed-handgun license, to carry guns on public college and university campuses.

Had that young man, with his automatic rifle, started shooting down students or faculty members, I would like to think that there might have been, if they were able to carry their weapons, that there may have been a few students with a CHL who would have at least tried to save lives before the police got there, said Patrick.

On the campus of the University of Houston Tuesday, students had mixed reactions.

If anything happened people would be shooting back and forth and you are just going to cause a whole disaster, said UH student Sherley Iriele.

Conner Clifton, another UH student, disagreed.

I think that whenever it comes down to it, if someone is on campus and they have a loaded gun, we can t really rely on just the police, he said. We have to rely on ourselves. You know, UT was on lockdown. If the cops were not around and someone came up to you, you have to be able to protect yourself.

Rep. Ellen Cohen, D-Houston, believes guns on campus would cause more carnage.

What if he just stood out and started aiming and firing, and then a bunch of other kids dropped to the ground and grabbed their backpacks, and pulling out guns, and started shooting? she asked.

Cohen also questioned how police would be able to tell the difference between the gunmen.

They hear there s a shooter, they go into the classroom, and there are eight people there with guns. How do you know who the perpetrator [is]? Cohen asked. Guns on campuses is something we absolutely don t need.

Only 11 universities in the U.S. allow handguns on campus.

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